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Mark Frymoyer,
Ass't Drill Leader

Mark has been riding in the team since he was 16 years old and has been hanging around the team for many more years than that. His Dad, Kirby, retired from the team a few years ago, so as a youngster Mark was always at the practices and shows. Mark is the "solo" stunt rider in the team. Although he can climb to the top of the pyramid and drive the 4-motor chariot, he prefers to do individual stunts - ride backward, on the handlebar, stand on the seat and just about anywhere else there is on a bike.

Tylor Hicks,

Tylor originally joined the team in 1968 with a '62 FLH, then dropped out, joined again in 1979 with a new 1978 FLH and dropped out again in 1989. This last time, he started back up in 1997 with a 1988 FLHS. Tylor is a truck driver by trade, but evenings and weekends you'll find him either two steppin', riding motorcycles with his friends or practicing and performing with the Motor Corps. And you should see Tylor do the Spread Eagle. Now that takes a lot of strength. Then when he climbs up on the shoulders of the Motormen, there's a lot of courage involved. No doubt about it, Tylor is an excellent Motor Corps team member.

Sam Watson,

Sam rode with the team originally in 1963 along with his father Sam Sr., and brother, Ray. Then Sam went into the military service for a spell, got married, and had a family. Now the family is grown and Sam is back again, doing stunts, riding drill, and generally having a good time on his Harley. Sam rides 76 miles to come to practice every Sunday morning, unless we have a show. Now that takes dedication. He is an excellent motor-man and safety-man, and the team is fortunate to have him as a member.

Scott Griffin

Scott started riding motorcycles when he was about ten years old, back on the farm in Georgia. As he got bigger, the motorcycles got bigger, until here he is, our newest recruit. Scott first saw the Motor Corps in 1998 at the Love Ride. He's been thinking about it and looking for the right bike since then, until finally everything came together and he joined up. Scott is still learning, but we're sure he will become a valuable asset to the team.

Frank Hicks,

Frank joined the team in 1980. He rides in the Color Guard Division but used to ride in the Drill. He can't always attend our practices and go on the road with us because, you see, he's now an ordained Catholic Priest and for some reason, he seems to always be busy on Sundays when we practice and do a lot of our shows! When he does participate, though, he is usually one of our Safety Men, making sure the top guys don't tumble down and making sure they have a good stable stunt built.

Guillermo Sevilla Sr.

Guillermo was a police officer with the police department in Tijuana, Mexico for 15 years. During his time in Tijuana, he belonged to the Tijuana Suicide Squad, an excellent motorcycle stunt team. This is where he perfected his motorcycle riding skills and where our Motor Corps first met him when we did a combined show with them.
After retiring from the Tijuana P.D., he joined the Santa Monica Police Department in California and served for two years before retiring again.
Next, he started his own business, Sevilla Sons Plumbing Service in Norwalk, California. He retired from this business in 2012.
Guillermo first joined the Motor Corps in the 1980s but quit to concentrate on his business and raising his family. Now that he has more time on his hands, his sons, Rene, William, and Guillermo IV talked him into joining the Motor Corps again along with them – it’s now a “family affair”. Guillermo adds a lot to the team. He is an excellent motorman and very experienced rider.

Rene Sevilla

Rene was just 14 years old, when he first rode with the Motor Corps. His dad, Guilermo Sr, had joined the team, so Rene and his brothers came along, too, to watch and try to sneak into a stunt or two. Rene’s first stunt when he was just 14 years old was the “Horse”, standing on the shoulders of his Dad and just holding onto a stunt rope that was hooked to a crossbar attached to the handlebars. Then he learned how to do the “DC-10”, the “2-Man Chariot” and others.
Rene joined the U.S. Marine Corps in 1993 and became an engineer. Now, he owns his own landscape design and construction business, Envision landscape, in Bellflower, CA.
Rene is married and has two children, Vanessa and Benjamin. The whole family comes to most of the shows and practices and are terrific helpers, selling Motor Corps T-shirts, pins, DVDs and posters, setting up and putting things away. We are very fortunate to have the whole Sevilla family in our team.

William Sevilla

William first started riding motorcycles when he was 16 years old and came to Motor Corps practice with his Dad. Now that he’s a little older, he is once again riding in the Motor Corps with his Dad and having a great time.
William is a property management supervisor in his regular job, but said he’d rather spend time riding his motorcycle with the team or playing golf. Now that sounds familiar!
He said his favorite Motor Corps stunt is the “Scissors”. His Dad, Guillermo Sr., is the motorman, his brother, Rene, does a handstand upside down on the handlebars and William does the “safetyman” position, holding Rene in place.
His next favorite stunt is the “High Pyramid” – which coincidentally, is the favorite stunt of our fans, too!

Rigo Soto,

Rigo first learned about us from our website and has been riding with the team since March of 2009. He is currently riding a 1972 FLH Harley Davidison and has been riding motorcycles for over 30 years. Rigo is on the Drill Team, rides safety, and does the Four Man Lay Back and the Horse.

James "Butch" Swanson,

Butch applied for membership to the Motor Corps in November 2007 and now rides in the drill team section with no problem. It's probably genetic because his Dad, Jim Swanson, joined the team in 1964 when Butch was just a kid. It must be in the blood!
Butch has a green and black 2007 Triumph which he dearly loves, but rides a 1978 black and white Harley in the shows. He said he's been riding since 1964, but his experience comes from "riding by the seat of my pants" - whatever that means!
Butch currently works for the Department of Water and Power in Los Angeles and has been there for more than 25 years.
We are really lucky to have Butch on the team. He's a lot of fun, works very hard to perfect his riding skills, is doing a great job as a team member - - and best of all, he brings the ice chest with drinks to all the practices and shows!

Ruben Pantoja,

Ruben first joined the team in 1976 and after an absence of about 30 years, he has re-joined. Actually, he came to practice one day, thinking to sell his stunt bike to one of our current members, but then decided maybe what he really needed to do was re-join! So he was talked into filling out a new application and joining up with us. He had retired from BOC Gases after 35 years as a truck driver so we knew he had some free time on his hands and we needed more members, so it was the perfect situation!

So Ruben is back once again on his 1972 FLH Harley, riding in the drill and doing some stunts. We are really happy to have him back.

Ron McCool,

Ron has ridden motorcycles for a number of years, but joined the team just a couple years ago to participate in the Flag Unit. Ron retired from Northrop Grumman in 2013 so has more time now to “play” with the team and we’re very happy to have him

Fernando Camarena,


Fernando first joined the team in the 90’s, and then rejoined in 2013. He was destined to entertain and compete. Beginning at 5 years old he was jumping ramps and landing tricks, then at 13 he performed with a Mexican drill team. His dad “El Loco” Camarena was Mexico’s national motorcycle flat track racing champion for seven years. You can say it’s in his blood. Fernando enjoys performing with the Victor Mclaglen Motor Corps alongside his son Luis Camarena. We are very fortunate to have the Camarena’s performing with us.

Luis Camarena,


Luis joined the team in 2013 after coming to practice with his Dad, Fernando Camarena . Harry Fisher asked him “What size shirt do you wear?”, it was an offer he couldn’t refuse. Having little experience with motorcycles Luis took to climbing like second nature. He works at the Port Hueneme Naval Base as a vehicle inspector. He’s also pursuing a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Luis is an unmistakable asset to the team and a definite crowd pleaser. Look for Luis atop the high pyramid. We hope he’ll be around for many, many years to come.


In Memory Of:
Harry Fisher,
Drill Leader/Manager

Harry joined the team in 1962 when he was just 16 years old. In 1979, he took over as Drill leader and Manager. His ride was a 1951 Harley Panhead, hand-shift, kick-start, rigid frame that he bought as a teenager. Then he upgraded to a 1964 FL, handshift, kick-start which his son took over when he joined the team and Harry had to go back to his ‘51.

Harry was one of only a handful of men who could do the “Roman Ride” - ride two bikes at the same time. He was also the Motorman for the record-breaking 22-men on one motorcycle.

In the 37 years that Harry was in charge, the team led the Rose Parade, the Hollywood Christmas Parade, performed at the Silver Dome and the LA Colliseum, was on Good Morning America, performed in NYC, Dallas, TX and hundreds of other venues.

He will most definitely be missed.

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